Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 05/27-06/02/2021 (Page 9)

pukka supreme matcha weekly offer organic pukka tea selected varieties green violife save.50 violife vegan cheese selected varieties organik biologiqun pc organics medium salsa que pasa tortilla chips selected varieties save up to 1.00 que pasa tilla voiceng thirsty vega protein and greens drink mix selected varieties thirsty buddha coconut water selected varieties buddha vega protein buy 2 or more save 5.00 edium salus arouge class bawa 1998 less than 2 pay 2.98 ea csis surpe sani pc or blue menu cranberry or vegetable cocktail or selected slim slim varieties sunrype juice selected varieties inyd save 2.00 blueberry bure topics mango save 1.48 save up to .81 cranberry oasis assorted drink boxes selected varieties que ripple cut poco ondulées alumpit? regular old dutch popcom burgers cashes nace caskus bedro muists market humpty dumpty old dutch popcorn twists chips 2359 selected varieties sekmos original save 4.50 no name potato chips 200 gr selected varieties dan-d pak cashews salted or unsalted clark celebration celebration swift and tomato say calari tuttle hechocolate leclerc célébration cookies selected varieties swift ham premium cooked clark beans selected varieties clark soco save up to 78 save 1.30 baser tomato sauce save 18 lucky box lucky box toffifee the seal glad cling wrap alcan merci werther's original werther's original family size candy bag gramer sonne save.98 salon durs a carte save 1.70 reynolds parchment paper 75 tt or alcan foil wrap merci chocolate or toffifee chocolate selected varieties coffee crisp maltesers scotties scotties facial tissue selected varieties nestlé chocolate bar multipack 4's or pouches selected varieties maltesers or m&m's chocolate tablet selected varieties original save 2.00 aero mems minis pedigree vack club size scented pable dentastix orginal nutrition first dry dog food selected varieties nutrition first cat food selected varieties cater for nutrition brst sense nutrition first premier chuo save 1.00 save 2.00 save up to 2.00 pedigree dentistix dog treats selected varieties no name clumping cat litter selected varieties see back page for flyer details

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