Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 03/11-03/17/2021 (Page 5)

happy easter aria ziggys havarti swiss suisse telek sea use dorura financnot extra-passe pc hot cross buns 8's or extra thick cinnamon raisin bread 6759 selected varieties sestres ! arla dofino havarti cheese sliced cheese selected varieties motors extra-raisans xtra tock sliced baked in-store ace hummus kaiser or panini rolls selected varieties ace mini crisps selected varieties pc hummus or dips or yucatan guacamole selected varieties genue ricerca carteles de res verteblues delightful bouquet bunch kellogg's rice krispies spring edition edition printaniere betty crocker betty crocker supermoist cake mixes or muffin mixes selected varieties kellogg's rice krispies spring edition whipped milk chocolate crispethin concerto pc the decadent cookie concerto or pc chocolate crepes 1000 selected varieties pc swiss sticks 100 gr pc crackers selected varieties parmesan cheese & garlic tice decadent chocolat unique solid colour tableware chunk from for pc optimum members only almonds amandes #slam offer panettone fruit cake hazelnuts noisettes gateau aux fruits save up to 2.00 lindt gold bunny 100 g or mini 5-pack selected varieties chocolate gold bars selected varieties lind! gold bunn milano panettone cake millas mia chocolate netwo optimum member price non-member price tik save 1.00 save 1.00 lindor mini eggs oor only plicable to valid pc oprogram members from march 2017 at canadian superstaro locations selected varieties pc counter in-store vist poptum product by my way by one we supplies last were the match pc optimum mercer pricing seeback page for you see back page for flyer details jean-talon chocolate hollows selected varieties

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