Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 04/21-04/27/2022 (Page 5)

proudly ours parc abd product of canada club size pc bbq seasoned chicken fully cooked selected varieties ruby & golden uttle gems rousses et dorées always buy 2 or more pact of unui co1 sebut morunurilafi barbecue wholecam cren poulry enter rochie pc mini mixed potato pay 9.99 ea foodland ziggy's live lettuce laitue vivante zont ziggy's sliced cheese selected varieties made in canada from domestic and imported ingredients swiss-suisse pc boston live lettuce green product of ontario zis always always ziggy's sliced deli meat selected varieties over limit pay 4.99 pat ziggy's double cream brie cheese ziggys mocounte cup ssures de chocolat pc mini muffins selected varieties double creme brie always carrot carottes over limit pay 4.00 ea con cashews noix de cadou california almonds amandes de la californie sunflower seeds cranes de tiones blue menu english muffins or bagels 6s selected varieties menu dry-roasted cashews edo unsalted pc dry- roasted california almonds aited or unsalted pc roasted sunflower seeds salted or unsalted club size cartet no name naturally imperfect sweet peppers product of mexico naturally perfect naturelles pers pc free from pork shoulder blade steaks fresh 2.5lb bag club size club size lores pc free from split chicken wings farmer's market" butter croissants selected varieties farmer's market" loaf cakes whole or sliced selected varieties pc free from sausages selected varieties over limit pay 3.99 ea over limit pay 4.00 sa over limit pay 14.99 ea club size seal quest ziggy's tortillas nale tetacheese vrlomagufera suresti mapia fillets filets de tilapia seaquest fish fillets selected varieties ziggy's' feta cheese in pc or blue menu originaler whole brine selected varieties seaquest bay seal quest seal que west scallops while frozen bay scallops ntonces de bal salami goat's milk de chevre congelés seaquest raw shell on shrimp or cooked peeled shrimp pc' goat's milk cheese logs selected varieties green lipped half shell mussels splendido antipasto or prosciutto 2009 of natural choice salami trio 2509 or assorted trio sim cookies see back page for flyer details

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