Real Canadian Superstore XMAS 2021 Flyer - 11/11-11/17/2021 (Page 2)

balikbayan van bals nan free air shipping * hr clas cami maple erab cca chocolate when you spend $250 and send a special surprise home to the philippines this holiday with a 20lb balikbayan box locations will provide you with a free shipping voucher to cover the cost of your nearest dhl location with the shipping contact and address and complete the required paperwork shipping boxes can be collected instore from quantities last! the voucher is redeemable at your nearest dhl retail outlet until olas spam dil while all tech made in canada from domestic and milk chocolate crepes chocolat au lait aimported decadent chocolate chip.cookie tamily pack format familia nutella nutella hazelnut spread pc the decadent crepes 100 g or concerto cookies 2409 selected varieties made in canada from domestic and imported ingredients holiday club size luncheon meat est flakes deluxe mixed now langexe of ham malin kinder surprise lindt hershey's or merci chocolate or werther's family size candy bag selected varieties or holiday luncheon meat 3409 selected varieties pc deluxe mixed nuts selected varieties toffifee toblerone celebration red rose maa maxwell house roast and ground made in canada from domestic and imported ingredients coffee celebration ferrno lindt toblerone moritz chocolate chocolate covered nuts or fruits selected varieties red rose tea 216's selected varieties ferrero chocolate selected varieties maxwell leclerc célébration cookies selected varieties chies pro santé orious origin folgers crest super premium toothpaste oral-b manual toothbrush tea mouthwash glide floss selected varieties nature's bount class rou dails nature's bounty vitamins or supplements selected varieties and sizes oreo save up to 2.00 crest save up to 1.48 save up to walthe folgers or and ground coffee selected varieties christie cookies selected varieties delivery and non-delivery of the balikbayan boxes tair shipping costs will be covered on balikbayan boxes with a maximum weight of 2016 real canadian superstore see back page for flyer details rcss balik

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