Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 12/02-12/08/2021 (Page 4)

re president's charice exclusive home of over pc butter- infused stuffed turkey crown gan ooo parch lobster scallor hopard et pltorclen hellom mind cubano cubaines pc lobster & scallop seafood bake with mussels and shrimp pc halloom cheese sticks in za'atar- herbed batter pc mini ham and cheese cubano bites bath organics belogique atlantic talmon wunoncelarlantique baby beer shrimp egsplant parmesan aubergines au parmesan veomet வாடா louces rapides entries cuvettes en pateata mere pc ready veggie carrot parsnip & beet fries home organics atlantic salmon skin on boneless fillets goen pc beer battered shrimp pc eggplant parmesan chorizo style style chorizo piepte fishless bites bouchées de végé-poisson pc plant based sweet spicy italian or breakfast sausages selected varieties pc beefless undeniable burger 2269 plant based chorizo style crumble plant based cauliflower & chickpea pie plant based fishless bites president's choice lemon & ginger sicilian soda soda sicilien citron et gingembre pc black label lemon & ginger sicilian soda achat ginger melling spices epicesa vin chaud warena diere ceasts amb naturally pc jamaican style ginger beer flavoured cor umee va black label amarena cherries in flavoured syrup pc black label mulling spices setels ucer case pc kaki persimmons product of spain no.1 grade cable tha tzatziki trone nam vines naan tzatziri какі pc naan selected varieties pc dips selected varieties gara juice mango juice apple pc or blue menu cranberry or vegetable cocktail 1.89 lor pc liquid enhancers 48 ml selected varieties pc' chicken bone broth bone broth chicken poulet bouillon d'os save.79 save 11 сокот my owl met grenade 100% juice selected varieties see back page for flyer details rcss3

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