Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 06/04-06/10/2020 (Page 9)

llissantes voolaid jammers surope slim sunrype juice selected varieties save up to 1.48 tropical mod kool-aid or nestea iced tea drink boxes selected varieties roasted seaweed shy halles lagrille spices or club house seasonings grille wegrille cajun jayone seasoned and roasted seaweed sky flakes crackers campbello noodles snack oh henry! chocolate asina pack chocolat tario clark maple style 라만 reese sommun du lait hershey's buy 3 or more nongshim instant noodles selected varieties single paris paté 789 campbells hearty noodles ss goe clark beans selected varieties snack pack puddings gels or desserts selected varieties chocolate bar selected varieties less than 3 pay 88 ea metokool net 300 hereford ocean's flaked white tuna clover leaf whole baby clams weekly offer corned beef boeuf sale hereford corned beef clover leaf whole baby clams 142 ml or ocean's white tuna selected varieties oldelpaso mazola canola vegetable or corn oil selected varieties talpasta slow cooker mijoteuse barbacoa pure fure kaelu sielkies mazola canola mais corn knorr sidekicks side dishes or italpasta pasta selected varieties save.58 old el paso seasoning selected varieties jordans jordans morning morning crisp crisp organics pb&me pb&me powder peanut butter selected varieties chickpeas absolutely nothing artificial absolutely nothing artific jordans cereal selected varieties organics organics beans selected varieties bursting with nuts dark chocolate 70% coco pedigree gla com dentastix orucinal nutrition first' adult cat food selected varieties clean awn dawn or ivory ultra dishwashing liquid detergent selected varieties versatile ivory nutrition first premie dentastix dog treats selected varieties oxiclean stain remover selected varieties cesar eart laundry detergent downy fabric scent boosters 5709 selected varieties lightwaight gain downy tidy cats litter selected varieties cesar dog food variety packs selected varieties see back page for flyer details

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