Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 11/19-11/25/2020 (Page 2)

calwin mande real canadian superstore happy chanukah dufferin & steeles - 51 gerry fitzgerald dr kedem juice 189l of sparkling juice 750 ml selected varieties kineret mini potato latkes mathes pomme de text made with love bubby breindel kedem elite milk chocolate gold coins or kineret potato latkes selected varieties elite market concord young milk chocolate fry o keep frozen garder congele kedem grape tuice concord gold coins us di usins grape juice golden potato pancakes osem golden blintzes or potato pancakes croutons abo golden cheese blintzes osem mini croutons buy 2 or more wholome thul uit suelo less than 2 pay 4.48 ea setnt boy manischewitz paskes acia matzo ball mix delicious wafers chocolate flavored enn tahini achva tehina manishchewitz matzo ball soup selected varieties paskesz mini marshmallow etmised lentil dagim dagim tuna snax pretzels selected varieties etoiles - stars bretlletzele zeta manischewitz soup selected varieties ceres 100% cece cxtra virgin olive oil anco ceres juice selected varieties elite zeta extra virgin olive oil nature's best sliced cheese selected varieties il nowo elite instant 1.00% coffee tuscanin woteky tea tuscanin tuscanini pizza selected varieties frozen nana tea wissotzky tea selected varieties assico buy 2 or more elite instant coffee selected varieties grilled vegetable less than 2 pay 5.98 ea items on this page only available at real canadian superstore dufferin & steeles location only rcss eth k2

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