Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 05/05-05/11/2022 (Page 3)

brioche ace bakery baguette bagels selected writies happy mother's day ace lilydale club size stede tre si осом oranges wavel farmer's market navel oranges product of spain tre stella stbag route tre stelle bocconcini feta or ricotta selected varieties lilydale chicken or turkey breakfast sausages selected varieties over limit pay 3.79 ea over limit pay 7.00 ea source source love grown gluten-free toasted cereal or granola selected varieties blue menu egg whites neilson or neilson 18% table real cream table cream selected varieties love grown uberte greek egg whites power liberté greek méditerranée yoplait 16 selected varieties gray ridge or prestige premium large white eggs ever limit pay 6.49 ea over limit pay 5.99 ea over limit pay 4.89 ea over limit pay 5.39 ea nutella smucker's jam marmalade or jelly hazelnut spread 3759 selected varieties smooth bune d'arachide comoux nutella pc 100% pure maple syrup amber simple orange tropicana santasy frot delante smuckers tropicana or simply orange juice simply lemonade or gold peak iced tea no name peanut butter selected varieties 1kg over limit pay 3.99 ea over limit pay 10.99 ea over limit pay 4.49 ea keurig tassimo original blend pam maxwell house or nabob tassimo tetley tea selected varieties pam cooking spray selected varieties tim hortons original maxwell house tetley toreactic or maxwell house or van houtte selected varieties over limit pay 4.99 ea over limit pay 7.49 ea over limit pay 9.99 ea delonghi better everyday pc appliances selected varieties save up to delonghi off storfrit too erns de'longhi stilosa espresso maker wild orod short weithiuscus casper essential pilos casper casper essential pillow queen size ore essential essential allow buy 2 or more oreiller essentiel from life at home scented candles selected varieties starfrit appliances selected varieties over limit pay 64.99 ea see back page for thyer details

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