Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 07/23-07/29/2020 (Page 13)

dhal real canadian superstore eid mubarak quality basmati rice عدد quality sher ઘઉનો લોટ durum atta દેશી brar sher desi style durum flour basmati rice riz basmati atrale brar natur optimum pts come len fresnaiches ivedool dates medjool product of u.s.a.2 lb tub net weight india's finest naturally aromatic aged basmati ria indien delicat naturellement parfumé et viel poids net shesrefraiches medjool datesdattes ferdi optimum for every $20 spent on and cookie products selected varieties 115 g- 1 kg shelf brar's vegetable samosas club size opo squash product of dominican republic bag farmer's market red onions product of u.s.a no.1 grade ginger root product of china halal lean ground beef qorogoloquird garlic all naan halal nanak paneer حلال rooster garlic product of china parmalat halal plain yogurt selected varieties nanak paneer suraj naan original or garlic brars flaichi rismalar masala mund κπου kurkure masala munch 15 gor tamam beans or lentils 540 ml selected varieties tea india tamam gorio red kidney brar's rasmalai selected varieties frozen 8509 knorr halal bouillion or chicken tea india

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