Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 07/23-07/29/2020 (Page 2)

nored and metic and im from dom ported food and from your farmers red leaf green leaf or romaine lettuce product of ontario roodland club size read and 920mikor dostor mini cucumbers mini concombres cantaloupe product of ontario pkg of 15 farmer's market mini cucumbers product of ontario canada no.1 grade 5° rodand riedlend kannur miniatures broccoli product of ontario or yellow zucchini product of ontario farmer's market baby carrots product of ontario cansada no.1 grade bayshore vegetable shippers reedlend club size food naturally imperfect xiety pack assortiment no name naturally imperfect apples product of ontario canada no.2 grade algoma orchards pc variety tomatoes product of ontario canada no.1 grade nature fresh farms sales inc 5° canadian beef club size canadian seafood live atlantic lobster subject to cut in-store striploin grilling steak cut from canada aaa grade beel pick ontario pick ontario canadian pork club size natural scor maple leaf natural selections deli meat 1759 or schneiders selected varieties free from boneless centre & rib chop sunflowers made in canada from and made in canada mastro genoa baked in-store made in canada from ingredients 5" orchid in ceramic pot mastro salami capocollo or salami with prosciutto selected varieties del service case sliced pc topped hummus selected varieties kaiser or italian buns selected varieties pkg of 18 5° made in canada baked in-store bald made in canada from domestic ingredients made in canada and balderson and ingredients and imported tulano save up to 2.98 balderson cheese selected varieties saputo mini friulano cheese see back page for flyer details

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