Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 04/07-04/13/2022 (Page 10)

Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 04/07-04/13/2022 (Page 10) elementos bacon shepherd's pie pate chinois while chicken pelet entier pc free from whole chicken fresh ar chilled pc or pc' or free from bacon selected varieties free from meat pies selected varieties frosten over limit pay 7.49 ea free from club size pc free from pork combo chops beef hip stir fry strips cut from canada aaa grade beet or usda choice grad beef seaquest shrimp ring with sauce new! crveru skillet solle srollet gnocchi poler made in canada from domestic and imported ingredients gnocchi pohler gnocchi pc free from meat deli service case sliced elected vieties olivieri filled selected varieties olivieri gnocchi selected varieties olingeri oliveni com ମ club size lars old-fort fate pc dips or yucatan guacamole selected varieties olivieri fresh lasagna pasta or linguini 3600 selected varieties olivieri fresh sauce selected varieties burra molt imamo buatam pc cheese selected varieties olivieri delicious meals made easy! roces wuices 10lee ice made in canada from domestic and imported ingredients stek del monte sperrier easter sippers oasis juice del monte nectar or arizona iced tea selected varieties mango nech perrier sparkling water selected varieties yox250 ml over limit pay 1.69 ea allen's apple juice selected varieties pepsi allen's apple juice pepsi soft drinks fruito over limit pay 10.99 ea over limit pay 2.79 ea strawbe topm passion gwo regie nestea monster monster red bull energy drinks sected varieties 4pack nestea minute mine maid minde lemon iced tea lemon red bull energ fruitopia minute maid nestea or peace tea beverages selected varieties "made in canada from domestic and imported ingredients nestea iced minute maid five alive or nestea iced tea drink boxes selected varieties tea selected varieties over limit pay 10.49 ea over limit pay 6.99 ea over limit pay 2.000 menu lime sparkling water pc or blue menu sparkling water selected varieties eterrier perrier carbonated natural spring water selected varieties exil sparkling ginger ale cachated kufural sang water wat seeback page for flyer details

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