Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 10/01-10/07/2020 (Page 3)

bake your own treats neilson cream international delight 473 ml baileys real creamer whileped or gay lea cram whipped cream 225 selected varieties nelson who burnbrae or grayridge medium eggs five roses hazelnur tenderflake robin hood woched presented all purpose flour robin hood or five roses all purpose flour selected varieties simit ngredients revingridents mus smalls save 2.50 all purpose flour original white kraft hazelnut spread tenderflake pastry selected varieties gece la original original philadelphia eagle brand fleischmann treational tonelli fleischmann traditional tele fleischmas traditional telut philadelphia eagle brand condensed milk selected varieties gay lea sour cream original gay lea sour cream selected varieties fleishchmann's yeast selected varieties philadelphia cream cheese product selected varieties largo marshmallows robin hood chipits brosses gumauves making robin hood large flake robin hood gms focus det quick mats rapide hershey's chipits selected varieties no name marshmallows selected varieties peanut butter and jam bars visit robin hood oats tata source natu sotince salad toppe! garniture salare salad toppe carniture salade more het gel smockers jif jif smuckers rure onun ona cepureses stock & barrel milk chocolate almonds nature source salad toppers selected varieties gooi if peanut butter 1kg marmalade or double fruit alcan that's nuts ham cashews noix alcan strong one 50' nuts agittasveinun toil strons & plerle almonds amandes elene brutissotee www reynolds kitchens genuine parchment paper smartgrid nature's nuts whole raw cashews nature's nuts whole raw california almonds 9079 alcan foil so non stick foil 25 or reynolds cruise through this holiday sea-son pc shrimp platter with mild cocktail sauce save 5.00 easy entertaining 15°c done seal quest shrimp ring couronne decorettes spicy épicé save 1.00 save 1.00 gigantico black tiger shrimp platter with mild sauce pc hot smoked candied atlantic salmon strips seaquest shrimp ring 5° see back page for flyer details

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