Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 01/27-02/02/2022 (Page 4)

pc optimum members can earn up to optimum points days january 27 - february 2' it's back and it's super! in this flyer that's like up to $1,000 in points to our members see back page for details optimum fimum no namernom club size lition litehouse dressings or dips selected varieties product of usa chopped salad kits seked varieties product usa roasted peanuts arachides grillées eiten no name' roasted peanuts product of u.s.a ewerk mozzarella clipper pet sweet delish bites glazed cruller donuts donuts 550g barkin garlic bothwell herb & garlic cheddar 250 gr variety sliced pack 450g opin per larisa stern pillers antrasto misso of fame cacciatore topics piller's kolbassa or pizza toppings selected varieties schneiders maple leaf natural select hamor chicken snack pack selected varieties marcangelo sliced deli salami chubs selected varieties opium optimum opi optimum schubert nocolo chewy brown swiss chalet st-hubert 25-87.gravy sauce mix selected varieties fish in tempura batili suntype fruit chewy sunrype fruit to go 101 kg or fruit source wwsmr chalet club size surikupe fruit source high liner family pack selected varieties quaker chewy bars selected varieties optimum optimum coraltur tim hortons green giant green giant veggie tots penca sche green giant veggie tots or fries selected cities tim hortons riced veggies bouchées de legumes carnation hot chocolate legumes en riz tim hortons pods selected varieties fanm red bull keurig etnically sourced van houtte mccafé red bull energy drinks selected varieties van houtte mccafé or timothy's pods selected varieties tricos energo melande de la maison swiss chic chicken apr swiss poule swiss chalet soup selected varieties lipton or knorr soup mix selected varieties clover leaf save.89 save.39 lipton chicken noodle pouletus flaked white tuna albaco save up to.99 clover leaf white tuna or bistro bowls selected varieties chips ahoy reese priginal originaux minis hershey's chocolate pouch selected varieties the original oreo loriginal oh henry! christie cookies

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