Rexall EASTER 2022 Flyer - 04/15-04/21/2022 (Page 2)

easter savings anch nala ferrero kinder sota ser skittles hilmeggs curs ac euro collection chocolate pops 25g kinder joy 20g m&m's easter egg 26g or skittles easter egg 45g rose & robin chocolate bunny 175g or flower pops 50g or lindt gold bunny and eggs 26g or eggs 54g lindt lindor ferrero or laura secord nestlé easter cellos kinder schoko-bons 200g or chocolate minis 150g kinder twix creme egg sour del punch edas geufe cadbury creme eggs 102g 3-pack or kinder surprise bunny 75g or mini eggs 110g mars easter cellos rocher chocolates 87.5g or rose & robin chocolate hollow eggs 150g or mars chocolate easter singles or sour punch candy 71g cadbury mini creme rocher squirrel 90g or lindt carrots 54g smarties min como creme egg arrarted serti toffifee merci gioia chocolate surprise 100g or lindt gold bunnies or chicks 50g 5-pack cadbury creme egg 204g or rose & robin mini eggs 400g or chocolate eggs & bunnies 192g nestle hide me eggs egg hunt kit 262g toffifee 369g or jurassic world cookie kit 173g cadbury mini creme 400g or galerie au chocolate gift wrapped chocolates cuchiwa mini eggs allessia chocolate chocolate bars 300g or lindt lindor or ghirardelli bagged lindt lindor mini eggs 300g or boxed chocolate 156g lindt gold bunny carrots 154g or gold bunny & eggs 172g cadbury mini eggs lindor chocolate quick + convenient campbella kellogg's tin hortons tossimo kellige rice krispies corn anatrice beatrice beatrice folgers pops naboo cmdll institute adal folgers roast or ground coffee 920g or k-cups 12's tim hortons roast or ground coffee 300g or tassimo discs selected varieties or 25 4l milk admiral chunk light or flaked light tuna 170g or or campbell's chicken vegetable soup 294ml kellogg's rice krispies 440g corn pops 320g or froot loops 345g hot deals tide value pack format econo gain all inone fins tylenol arthritis artritioues crest lanciantes vide dords 3-original oce purex sr fast blood value pack tylenol bounce rado extra strength apply & co appuquez et partez ivory clinically aroven pastasi eko save tylenol arthritis strength e tabs or or body pain night or nighttime caplets 40's or motrin platinum caplets 40's crest whitening products or power toothbrushes or replacement heads select types off reg price tide liquid laundry or pods 42's or hygienic liquid detergent 4.08l or bounce sheets 200's get pts olay aerius when you tres olay eyes dove dose men olay olay regenerist alan dog claritin bes well regenerist cara berg save aerius allergy or dual action tablets 20's or buy one readers or sunglasses get one regular price item to be of equal or lesser value tresemme 1.15l or dove regular 750ml or therapy 400ml hair care select types allergy + sinus caplets 15's-30's olay regenerist • total effects or eyes skin care or skin cleansers select types off reg price visit for location and store hours savings all week carp pay visa a6b ppo322 interac gpay spc edge ott

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