Rexall Flyer - 07/17-07/23/2020 (Page 3)

quick + convenient atrice decor black diamond mom ces fore nescafe black diamond moden m fort peps or 2% 4l milk black diamond cheese bars 400g assorted varieties nescafe or taster's choice instant coffee assorted varieties coca-cola or pepsi regular or diet 6x710ml assorted varieties kellogg's nosa campbella made bas ties frosted flakes hellogg's minis wheats! love our brands god made jade cha chad admiral noho cheese stin batonnets femige on tkni tumani orical cool admiral chunk light or flaked light tuna or 170g or campbell's vegetable soup 284ml kellogg's frosted flakes 425g mini-wheats 510g or vector 400g sour cream & onion made good granola m&m market now serving healthier choices from m&m food market express available in select rexall stores m&m strawberry cheesecake steau au fromage m&m bantece chicken wings ales de poulet barbecue sofiases m&m anges beef furgers burgers de but angus "bbq be bbqebbo bre m&m food market bbq sauce original or honey garlic 425ml m&m food market strawberry cheesecake m&m food market angus burgers 6x142g m&m food market bbq or buffalo chicken wings 9078 love our hot deals brands saw dalmetto rexall new probiotic formula century for women scotties nivea men ivory clean original reise lol rexal rock salts olay share our scotties clean original 2aydas buy one get one" rexall brand of 50%off be better vitamins equal or lesser value anti-perspirant or deodorant 43g-85g or 50ml select types savvy home facial tissue cube 60's or scotties facial get nexium minery claritin flonase when you lapak gopal lace at allergy nexium zizquil purez sleep.eze bel well save vicks zzzquilor pure zzzs sleep aids sleep-eze or sleep-ezed flonase 24 hour claritin allergy or allergy + sinus tablets or liquid gels 15's-30's os aerius allergy tablets 20's nexium 24 hr heartburn relief 14's % sleep remedies selected types and sizes colgate sensitive loreal lossal loreal colgate listerine schicks hydro5 xtremc3 bution purple pubbl violet save fresh burst or crest pro-health or scope l'oréal hair expertise hair care schick blade refills manual or disposable razors or edge or skintimate shave preps select types colgate or crest assorted toothpaste or oral-b manual mouthwash 500ml or oral-b dental floss select types 473ml-il or listerine go tabs 16's select types loreal loreal nivea off care off! ben's afterbite bevital racing essie lalon age perfect power save save l'oréal skin care sally hansen complete salon classic nail colour nivea face care or body care select types save off! insect repellents visit for location and store hours carp savings all week visa pay interac ott

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