Rexall Flyer - 05/08-05/14/2020 (Page 4)

rexall healthy choices better value entry 3days only! celebrate nestea om poraneo mother's day is dit get white l'oreal coca cola paris pts lindor dempster's white or rest of week & after limit 2.29 assorted varieties or nestea or lipton iced tea rest of week & after limit 5.99 when you sessor tideo cosmetics baon well single rolls dipps dipps save cashmere l'oreal cosmetics lindt lindor boxed chocolates 156g sponge towels chewy rest of week & after limit 1.99 cashmere bathroom tissue double 12-roll or spongetowels choose-a-size ultra paper towel 6-roll rest of week & after limit 5.99 always depon fit-rex joise save tampax save homedics massagers or spa products selected items nature's truth gurunanda puressentiel or pepper or diffusers selected types & pink esses pre 20% homes limita or tampax tampons 32's 40's rest of week & after limit 8.99 depend or poise underwear or shields or poise pads large packs 10's-66's rest of week & after limit 15.99 get pts buy one get one" milani huits jamieson prime shield 50%off jamieson chewable pullups when you spend $30 or value size more jamieson natural sources jamieson vitamins curcumin minerals of turmeric supplements coq10 buy one get one free jamon probiotic gummies jamieson natural sources vitamins minerals or supplements 'free item to be of equal or lesser value pkg super rest of week & after limit 25.99 milani face cosmetics "free item to be of equal or lesser value rest of week save 20%" **off reg price well everyday needs dove dial speed nescafe deorge purex gain cheer" 185g or fabric softener purex packs 26's or liquid laundry detergent 1.47l or fleecy liquid fabric sheets 80's fleech nescafé o taster's choice regular or decaf dove or irish spring bar soap 2-3 pack or degree or speed stick anti-perspirant selected types or dial body wash soap 8-pack or dial liquid hand soap refills 1.18l selected types health matters love our brands teile get boost colgate ooooo love our brands colgate sensodyne rexal when you recall and alergy reet products նիստ նրա՝ եռման colgate daily low dose asa 81 mg save pro namel belo well buy one get one free rexall brand asa coated daily low free item to be of equal or lesser value enamel health optic white or kids' toothpaste manual toothbrushes selected types sensodyne or ensure 6x235ml glucerna 6x237m or boost 6x237ml meal replacement rexall brand allergy relief products selected types maybelline revlon get this thursday gorgeous panten pantene master pri when you buy2 canodi well well get buy one get one cosmetics bags or kit jewellery "regular price equal or lesser value save save 500 maybelline new york instant age rewind master primer or highlighter selected types pantene hair care or styling selected types or l'oréal hair expertise hair care or styling treatments selected types and sizes selected types loreal loreal $10 pa friday long redeemable value vital save save selected types ducray skin care or bonus packs or gift select stores packs or curt $19.99 fragrances or gift sets selection may vary by store while quantities last rest of week 19.99 advantage 55+ tuesday may 12 save 20% on regular priced merchandise for customers see back page for conditions and details view our flyer online at week long savings!

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