Rexall Flyer - 02/07-02/13/2020 (Page 3)

pharmacy rexall love our brands voltaren undhed ingredients pred sodir blaku aleve aleve extra strength strength to last up1013 2r stress extra strength muscle & back pain relief liquid gels rexall muscle and back pain platinum relief methocarbono voltaren ibuprofen and totarp to save joint pain save soulagement extra fort des douleurs musculaires et dorsales mede en aleve caplets or voltaren emulgel extra strength back & muscle pain 150g rexall brand muscle & back pain relief or muscle & back pain platinum relief cart extra serenger reactine love our brands normes lasts ar rexa tough fabric bandages rubin alco compound flonase in hominepher rexalleries acetaminophen tablets usp comprimes d'acetaminophene usp love our brands rexal replenish your medicine cabinet solar rexall' or strength save ibuprofen buprofen tablets usp rexall brand extra strength acetaminophen or regular strength ibuprofen tablets or caplets 100's rexall has everything you need to help your family feel better rexall brand treatments or preparation products selected types and sizes reactine extra strength tablets 48's or liquid gels 40's or flonase 24 hour allergy nasal spray 120 doses home hay rexall sambucol love our brands systane soothe symptoms advil advit systane au cara ultra visine visine honey lam with the herb cough drops pes herbes contre la et convecchia cold & sinus dryeye eve revival complete obryter sambucol cod & flu redeye advance triple action sed rexall cold+sinus cold & flu alicor save save advil cold & sinus or cold & flu caplets 40's save visine eye drops 15ml sambucol all-natural cough cold or flu products selected types and sizes rexall brand sinus relief products selected types and sizes 'offreg price eye care products selected types vitamins + minerals preservision love our brands bausch long ocuvite caltrate plus centrum multivitamis select asins multivitamine omega-3 formula nesuk pe regular biegtydinate ergen gummies melatonin biz magnesium large adults webernat lutein winter save buy one get one buy one get one buy one get one or emergen-c equal or lesser value • nature's bounty supplements "regular price preservision or ocuvite vitamins "regular price equal or lesser value rexall brand or be better vitamins minerals or supplements "regular price equal or lesser value webber naturals or supplements selected types get 20% off a new blood pressure meter bring in your used blood pressure meter and receive branded blood pressure meter all trade-ins will be donated to the march of dimes canada on speak with your rexall pharmacist your heart health is important to us we can even show you how to monitor your blood pressure from home visit your local pharmacy during heart health clinic days february 12 and february 13 rexall be bios march la marche of dimes des dix sous canada du canada better boost your health iberogast wow love our brands alion vega meta vega one checi florastor max ibgard daily probe supplement shake aston mente nelaimental bismuth caplets team yta save save vega all-in-one nutritional shake selected types diesel whey protein 908g metamucil 114 doses or align ibs relief florastor iberogast or ibgard probiotics or digestive care products rexall brand calcium antacids everything you need good seren eksti eve restore always chief cdmiss pads issunt tampax puri hise durex nbs skyn bise always save save durex or k-y condoms lubricants or play devices or lifestyles skyn or devices poise pads or liners 12's-54's small packs save good clean love or summer's eve feminine care products seven or summer's eve divacup or divawash or seventh generation feminine care products always pads or liners pkg tampons 32's-40's selected types pke

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