Rexall Flyer - 06/03-06/09/2022 (Page 9)

personal care get pts pantene when you spend $15 volume or more before taxes on select products listed well 3.⁹9 dove 4.⁹9 shaving needs schick bambo0 schick or wilkinson disposable razors or pantene hairspres fixati beauty baln danger sensire pantene hair care styling select types dove mere pantene dove dove shampoo or conditioner 355ml dry shampoo or styling select types cowth.colch 14.⁹⁹ l'oréal men's hair colour select types oral health sensodyne new look sensodyne colgate optic white colgate sensitive save %shave preps select types baby basics pull-ups ~goodnites pull ups new leaf huggies pull-ups or goodnites super boxed training pants selected types and sizes ready for the day l'oreal men expert loreal men expert softsoop dent pantine fantine reach for hair care rexall has the products you need to keep your locks looking fresh healthy & hydrated get pts when you venus well sensitive save or venus select types johnson's gillette mach3 11⁹⁹ pampers serativs sensitivity egum whitening huggies natural care sensitive wired face pampers or huggies baby wipes select types 6.⁹9 sensodyne sensitivity & value size toothpaste polident polident fresh cleanse nettement frak overnight sensitive pro-relief or tom's of maine toothpaste 4.⁹9 toothbrushes or twin pack 8.⁹9 polident denture tablets 84's-96's or cleanser 125ml select types floss select types earth pantene miracle rescue pantene mid size or premium format or gold series hair care or styling select types irish spring 5.⁹9⁹ softsoap or irish spring body wash softsoap liquid hand soap refills 1,47l select types nivea men active-age softsoap elixir marc anthony instantly thick puppy tall this & fu 8.⁹9 sree ppiller sampors wydratera shampoo paps get pts when you well nivea men nivea men skin care or shave preps select types johnson's cream creme johnson's baby toiletries or penaten diaper hello colgate hello godv or hello toothpaste 473ml-1l or colgate power or twin pack toothbrushes select types gu-m confort slce nsertion facle avelit ware anthony grow long fol slang shampoo prenown long hair don't you ons her marc anthony hair care select types marc anthon strictly curls housse coiffant gillette avelit sinhaler mess shea moisture hair care or styling gillette foamy roma bitte cation action gillette or venus shave preps select types philips avelit save rest actos save or bath accessories select types daily care save 6.9⁹9 professional sam pero philips fruch 3.⁹⁹ select types venus avent baby or nursing products select types love our brands love our brands rexall rexall brand oral health products select types philips philips one rechargeable toothbrushes select types

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