Rexall Flyer - 06/10-06/16/2022 (Page 5)

health + wellness sleep eze extra strength sleep well tonighe feel alert tomorrow nytol extra strength nytol sleep aid 7.⁹9 or nytol 16's-20's select types new opti- free systane systane replenish ultra retains moist comfort high performance complete optimal dry eye re the over for all types of dry alcor alcon onk alcon 11.⁹9 systane or opti-tears eye drops or opti-free lens solutions select types feel your best sly sta ara kaizen whey protein whey collagen hworkol protein peptides pre- workout muscletech six star or purely inspired save buy one nutritional products or hydroxycut get one regular price kaizen nutritional powders 50% off item to be of equal or lesser value wellness products love canesten forval recall our brands buy one get one regular price 50%off rexall brand foot care products item to be of equal or lesser value calafree blibapros with wings ●● 38% bowes nsultation find the essentials burt's bees beeswax lip balm baume pour les revre burt's mem burt's bees burts befs dist burt's bees discreet protection always maxi tampax rodont canesten save | salonpas zzzqui zzzquil 24's-48's or zzzquil liquicaps 12's-36's or neopla terfect products select types gaviscon mithill comar hydralyte or pedialyte hydration products gaviscon antacids liquid or non liquid digestive aids save nic-hit nic hit ncote liquid 2 mg spra equivalent to 14.28 fast acti nico do spray equivalenteto 1423 mint past acting stop smoking ar mint ch marthe chri com ar nic-hit spray 30ml or gum 15's orange medication reviews have a personalized consultation with your pharmacist to review your prescription and non-prescription issues and provide solutions to help reach your goals speak with your rexall pharmacist oral melet oral crest pro-health ultra 51g-62g or oral-b toothbrush or complete select types tena playtex intimates sport sight-lesere save save blistex hedicated lip cintment ongurnt midicamenti pour les levers salonpas pas rech reach for essentials rexall has everything you need to ensure your medicine cabinet is always fully stocked tinactin canesten or tinactin foot care products deeprelief punches-tindres deep relief topical pain relievers or patches selected types and sizes burt's bees or blistex lip balm selected types and sizes pkg always pads or liners or tampax tampons selected types and sizes save 2mg pedialyte 6.9⁹9 stayfree zzzquil pure zzzs save pedi save wpw gaviscon pedialyte fee save hops nootne polalexanus nic hit bonete hooplan oral-b vitality power or philips one battery toothbrushes oral-b replacement heads or crest whitestrips classic 10-pack select types tena carefree co-fresh intimates 4.⁹9 stayfree or carefree pads or liners or playtex tampons selected types and sizes tena pads or liners selected types and sizes pkg pkg learn more at oral

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