Rexall Flyer - 08/28-09/03/2020 (Page 3)

echucale quick + convenient lactantia beatrice black diamond moreheart parood sardando black diamond modum micore original beatrice skim.1% or 2% milk 4l beatrice chocolate milk il black diamond cheese blocks 400g assorted varieties lactantia cream cheese 250g nosy cc cheese si batonnets nos cu fromage sings pendelles love our brands celebration cheez it crunch origina ten new! kicking horse coffee 454g assorted varieties clover leaf flaked or chunk light tuna 170g or flavoured tuna 85g assorted varieties or kraft dinner 225g or cups 58g sour cream & onion or leclerc célébration cheez-it crackers food m&m market now serving healthier choices from m&m food market express available in select rexall stores m&m stawberry cesecake m&m chicken strips langues de porte che fromage aux fraises m&m iron coro "bbq bbq bbq bb m&m food market barbecue sauce original or honey garlic 425ml m&m food market strawberry cheesecake m&m food market barbecue or honey garlic back ribs 680g m&m food market chicken strips 1.36kg express office + school supplies now at rexall brc gelse save save postit papermate hoteroon caser uniball writing products hilroy stationery products get jamieson hot deals multi tide when you spend $30 or more before taxes on select products listed pods 3-1- original 100% complete women tide well jamieson son jameson gummies colgate probiotic optic white colgate wer premium bonus jamieson chewable colgate total ivory colgate maxfresh lonus are buy one get one jamieson natural sources "regular price manual toothbrushes or mouthwash tide original liquid pods 42's or liquid laundry detergent 2.72l or ivory snow newborn liquid laundry detergent 1,47l get flexible fabric beano when you gaviscon tylenol back pain grays parc band-aid always cotton மாமா tampax band-aidi well pearl tylenol beano body pain night gaviscon foamtabs band-aid bandages always pads or liners pkg tampons 32's-40's select types tylenol extra strength e tabs or caplets 200's or back pain or body pain night caplets 40's beano tablets 60's select types dove ол huggies ** huggies movers listerine olay coolment cos snugglers buy one readers or get one" sunglasses equal or lesser value off listerine or crest mouthwash 473ml-il select types dove or olay body wash mousse 292g or secret or gillette clinical anti- perspirant or deodorant 45g select types huggies super boxed diapers selected types and sizes visit for location and store hours carp savings all week visa pay agb interac gpay spc care ott

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