Rexall Flyer - 08/28-09/03/2020 (Page 4)

pharmacy get get voltaren love our brands sood when you buy select products listed extra strength ve these when you buy aspirin or chew 2 tarats aspirinster save or life nare heart attack bele well voltaren doctor recommended for daily preventative therapy well joint pain save aspirin coated daily low dose bimg tablets 180's platinum or extra strength muscle & voltaren emulgel 12 hour pain 120g or back & muscle pain 150g love our get pts brands zzzquil zzzquil pure zus when you rexall extrem athens usp cena rub-a535 rub a535 relieve your pain regular strength ibuprofen caplets save well rub-a535 topical pain relievers or patches selected types and sizes ultra no odouro maximum meaning in ask your rexall pharmacist about the right pain medications to soothe your aches & strains rexall brand extra strength regular strength ibuprofen tablets or caplets 100's vicks pure zzzs 24's-48's or zzzquil liquicaps 12's-36's or help with healing twin pack get opti free eczema elastoplast when you elastoplast puremist heavy fabric tissu robuste systane knee & elbow genoux et coudes bevisine visine complete well polysporin polysporin redeye advance triple action save save save save • polysporin selected types and sizes elastoplast bandages • puressentiel first aid products systane eye drops or opti-free lens solutions selected types and sizes visine eye drops 15ml select types for your health get get ditra street premum bios vicks softheat arius aerius reactine flonase gradical products listed filter free when you unior benadryl well well for her aerius or claritin allergy or allergy+ sinus tablets 10's-20's kids' aerius or claritin syrup claritin allergy decongestant save save save reactine tablets or or benadryl caplets flonase 24 hour allergy relief nasal spray 60 doses rexall brand or bios blood pressure monitors select models "off reg price vicks vapourizers or humidifiers or softheat heating pads online medical appointments with canadian doctors digestive care love our brands get pts nem meta when you mucil rexali tums restoralax fibrg rex nexium tums well chewies negeri woman laxative save nexium 24hr heartburn relief save metamucil or align ibs relief probiotics selected types and sizes restoralax laxative powder rexall brand digestive care products select types tums calcium rexall everything you need love our brands love our brands drscholl odour aa8 rexall bocopper cocorrem- tinactin canesten canesten save save save save save be better braces or supports copper88 therapeutic supports canesten or tinactin foot care products foot care products select types % batteries select types

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