Rexall Flyer - 06/25-07/01/2021 (Page 9)

celebrate canada get at we selftan classic kit cerave when you buy 2 select products listed jergens jergens hosting nam persports tropez opez sttro tropez st trorez opez st tropez sit st tropez st tror sttropez well neutrogo self tanning products cerave skin cleansers or lotions select types clean & clear or neutrogena acne cleansers select types jergens body lotion sukin uriage uriage eau tana bioderma bioderma adem sukin renew your glow lasaga age save save bioderma skin care skin active skin care select types available at select stores rexall has all your skin care solutions to keep your complexion sukin or uriage skin care select types available at select stores protect + hydrate love our recall brands dhe jergens lat sport llirie eing coppertone sport uta jergens instant sun med bones save jergens natural glow lotion towelettes or mousse gold bond skin care select types banana boat or coppertone sun care select types be better sun care or rexall brand aloe after sun gel 454ml or spray 177ml select types freshen up sopo axe irish serie dove dove men sofisoap done axe rxe speed stick original cocoa butte speed stick clinical 45g or dove 0% aluminum deodorant or anti-perspirant 74g axe black label shower or deodorant 76g-85g or body spray 113g select types deodorant 45g-85g or softsoap liquid hand select types softsoap or irish spring irish spring bar soap hand soap 384ml or refills 1.47l select types select types get well get well smell ready for anything every man jack clean body clean ingredients we strive to use as many naturally derived and plant-based ingredients exceptional performance when you spend $10 or more before taxes on select products listed ou spice clinical carto every man mc save save value size or clinical anti-perspirant select types © 2021 p&g every man jack grooming basics just for neto love our brands mk band gal zmacng venus ren controlgx gillette comise venus gucing shampoo si shampoon et revitalisant settive gillette or venus select types disposable razors select types gillette or venus manual razors select types just for men hair colour or control gx grey reducing shampoo select types oral health philips oral orale vitat colgate ortus white crest sum mity colgate tota ore colgate sensive per crest gum value size or restore toothpaste manual twin pack or power or gum care mouthwash 946ml-il select types or tom's of maine or colgate mouthwash sooml or manual toothbrushes select types save philips one battery toothbrushes sonicare daily clean power toothbrushes or power toothbrush replacement heads select types oral-b battery or replacement heads select types "off reg price facebook f and instagram

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