Rexall Flyer - 12/03-12/09/2021 (Page 2)

quick + convenient black diamond more morro thor hortons campoella bake beatrice beatrice tassimo grac folgers admiral grunk lighten shop on march black diamond medium pont admiral flared line folgers roast or ground coffee 920g or k-cups tim hortons roast or ground coffee 300g or tassimo discs selected varieties black diamond cheese bars 400g assorted varieties admiral chunk light or flaked light tuna 170g or campbell's chicken noodle cream of mushroom tomato or vegetable soup 28.4ml love our brands love our brands nsc romtercan de roti original pepsi kraft dinner 225g or cups 58g or coca-cola or pepsi assorted varieties be better deluxe nuts or mixes nosh & co food m&m market now serving healthier choices from m&m food market m&m m&m asian party pack hors-d'oeuvre m&m on strip languettes m&m dipping dipping trempette trempetti m&m food market dipping sauces 350ml assorted varieties m&m food market m&m food market indian party packs m&m food market chicken strips 1.36kg intuition hydro skin perfect smackers gifts save schick holiday gift sets select types be better epsom salts 1kg or liquid hand soap and lotion sets or pepper & pink bath bombs or holiday liquid hand soap select types lip smacker or holiday gift sets hot deals jamieson chewable jamieson tide oxi clean tide value size bonus simply pos crest sleep jamieson jamieson melatonin essentials tide bonus simply wun orale max sleep quality arutetrane save buy one jamieson get one natural sources free or supplements to be of equal or lesser value toothbrushes or replacement heads select types "off reg tide simply clean & fresh or free & sensitive liquid laundry detergent 1.09l or pods 13's after limit 3.33 reg price ricola new mouveau tylenol tylenol ricola extra stig extratos stayfree estrange listerine coolment paulin sport sensodyne tylenol arthritis pain caplets 170's extra strength ez tabs body pain 110's or ultra relief 120's or motrin platinum caplets 40's pain or body pain night 2 for ricola herbal cough or stayfree pads pkg selected types and sizes listerine mouthwash 1l or sensodyne or pronamel value size select types lust for men dove controlgx tresemmé nivea nivea doe expert dove dove ameso rane sos dove body wash just for men hair colour or beard gx grey reducing shampoo or beard wash select types tresemme hair care or styling select types nivea body lotion or face cleansers select types select types visit for location and store hours savings all week interac visa pay agb pp3621 carp gpay spc ott

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