Rexall Flyer - 01/24-01/30/2020 (Page 4)

pharmacy news voltaren aspirin aspirin extra strength grawer extra strength fontanella de were boyfr piero voltaren aspirin aleve joint pain regular strength naproxen sodium toblers 20 mg helines strength to last up to 12 hours voltaren emulgel extra pain or back or muscle aspirin extra or regular strength tablets or caplets 100's aspirin coated daily low dose chews 100's or aleve nighttime caplets 100's ruba535 rub-a535 rub a535 muscle joint bonus miles puldased biofreeze pe polysporin new 150g value pack biofreeze polysporin rub-a535 relief from pain save ice save rub-a535 topical pain relievers or patches selected types and sizes ask your rexall pharmacist about the right pain relievers to ease your aches & strains biofreeze topical pain relievers selected types polysporin cream or ointment 28g-30g or cracked skin balm 312g digestive care love our brands imodium complete meta mucil alion rexall tums restoralax tums fibre! imodium liqui-gels ige save save large packs • rexall brand digestive care products selected types restoralax laxative powder metamucil 114 doses or align probiotic chewables or gummies 24's-60's save quick dissolve 20's-24's stock your medicine cabinet bachelor soothe care systane opti stodat visine redeye honey allergy fisherman nyquil verd dayquil nyquil anaan advance triple action oscillococcinum fisherman's friend cherry icerice save save save save fisherman's friend lozenges 22s homeopathic cough cold or sinus relief products by boiron or homeocan vicks nyquilor dayquil 354ml liquicaps 24's vaposhower tablets 3's or vapopatch 5's lomb soothe eye drops selected types clear care or opti-free twin packs or systane eye care products selected types "offreg price let's make managing your medication easier sign up for rexall reminder get a notification as soon as can pick up at your convenience speak with your rexall pharmacist boost your health crie prin chart cold cold daily support kaizen vegan whey protein kaizen sthens protein jamieson new tatanoney proten nfant met poten diesel jamieson chewable creatine diesel jamieson chewable boosting timmune chewable boosting thinmune system jamieson natural selected types bos bonus 2299ccolo select cold-fx diesel whey protein buy one get one kaizen nutritional powders "regular price equal or lesser value be prepared monistat ultrathin love our brands nerd arkace premme fresh dans pantiliners protege- dessous astimates rexalu save save save always discreet pads or liners or 12's-48's or tena monistat feminine therapy packs "offreg price summer's eve products or phemme fresh or restore oo rexall brand pads or liners 14's-60's pkg selected types

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