Rexall Flyer - 05/14-05/20/2021 (Page 9)

personal care love our brands dulcelax for women body to usp rolaids vagisil som sa vagisil strength selepon des save save rexall brand epsom salts 2kg dulcolax or rolaids digestive products 'offreg price • vagisil of summer's eve feminine hygiene products get florastor hydratyte renewal fredialyse redialyto 30% more when you florastorkids renewlife well refresh your personal care save save • renew life florastor probiotics rexall has all your personal care solutions at better value hydralyte or pedialyte products 'offreg price get the basics get love our ki tape trecovery get when you brands buy kt tape when you wel emri woll save save save % supports or braces amope foot file devices or foot file refal select types 'offreg price pro canada save series or original series orice or heat massager 'offreg price "offreg price emtrix nail fungus solution 10ml 'offreg price daily living love our brands rexall love our brands protection recall always iii alues peotection hurrycane all-terrain canes discreet pads or liners selected types and sizes rexall brand bladder support pads or underwear due and sizes buy one rexall brand get one batteries "regular price equal or lesser valve 50% restant and to be of ready for the day buris bees love our brands burt's bees extra strength allergy relief esterc vitamin rexall burt's bees minim burts bees meer aba gear kids loratadine sort ge capsules burt's bees baristales save bases buy one get one off sundown naturals of ester-c vitamins select types "offres price rexall brand extra strength burt's bees lip balm selected types and sizes "regular price baby care pull upsom goodnites huggies goodnites jumbo diapers or training pants selected types and sizes sim pampers baby wipes save munchkin or playtex baby accessories select types snack break crunchies noua love our hortbread brands love our raspberry rie brands chunky lavender lemon jujubes of hershey's chocolate single mors nosh & co

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