Rexall Flyer - 11/15-11/21/2019

mile rexall get air bonus miles or get get your flu shot today when you spend $70* or more on almost everything in-store bonus miles al shot to children under a certain age ask your pharmacist for age restrictions when you spend $50* or more on almost everything in-store sportchek get 15% off sportcher sport chek gift cards dempster's white or 100% whole wheat rest of week & after limit 2.49 coca-cola or pepsi regular or diet 6x710ml assorted varieties or aquafina water 6x710ml rest of week & after limit 3.99 sportchek ritz black diamond oreo sportchek find what moves you black dumond assorted varieties or cheestrings 336g or shredded cheese 340g assorted varieties rest of week & after limit 5.49 rest of week & after limit 2.29 jamieson single rolls multi buy one get one free 100% complete cashmere jamieson jamieson lice magnesium citrate de magnésium sponge towels coq10 women jamieson tart cherry turmeric downy bounce jamieson natural sources vitamins minerals or supplements 'free item to be of equal or lesser value your daily vitamin needs alin rest of week & after limit 5.99 cashmere bathroom tissue double 8-rollor spongetowels paper towels econo 6-roll rest of week & after limit 4.99 health matters rexall benylin ennen tampax all in one lolio dels inovrlo boost always bonus miles when you spend no more benares hann tylenol complete complet always save always discreet liners 9's-120's large packs or tena protective or overnight underwear 10's-16's ensure 6x235ml glucerna 6x237ml or boost 6x237ml meal replacement or protein 4x325ml complete 4-pack always pads 10'-24's liners 30's-60's or tampax tampons 16's-20's benylin or tylenol cough syrup 170ml- 180ml or tablets or caplets 20'-24's pkg rexall brand pain relievers pkg everyday needs colgate colonte ename dove colgate colgate or crest assorted toothpaste 70ml- manual toothbrushes oral-b floss or fixodent original 40g selected types dove or ivory bar soap 4-10 pack or liquid hand soap or 45g-75g selected types savvy home facial tissue 2-ply save limit 4 offreg price l'oréal covergirl paris this thursday lubriderm gorgeous vich bonus miles vichy minal aquala therma when you spend sermore before onaco outros lubrican cale o body exclude save covergirl get save buy one get one l'oreal telescopic or voluminous mascara true match concealer infallible lip or select brow or eye cosmetics 50%off covergirl eye or lip cosmetics equal or lesser value vichy skin care available at select stores or lubriderm skin care revlon lorear core bonus miles® when you spend $75€ or more nut yolume-ungu preference select fragrances by pink sugar ogx body lotion hair care or styling selected types save 650 or ultra hd lip cosmetics balm mascara or nail colour l'oréal excellence or preference hair colour while quantities last selection may vary by store seniors' day! save 20% on regular priced merchandise back page for details for customers 55 years of age or older view our flyer online at

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