Rexall Flyer - 01/07-01/20/2022 (Page 2)

connect your be well account to your rexall pharmacy and receive back in pts well see below for details quick + convenient get pto exckstar roy coca cola beatro bere when you monster dors bel well or 2% 4l milk kicking horse roast or ground coffee 284g assorted varieties monster rockstar starbucks energy drinks assorted varieties coca-cola or pepsi regular or diet assorted varieties campbell lune louis centre tele dark chocoler superfoods per source of omega cover cdmisie allet passin flakie smart sweets leaf sockeye salmon wild bid fif clover leaf sockeye salmon 213g admiral chunk light or flaked light tuna 170g or campbell's chicken vegetable soup 284ml vachon family pack snacks healthy crunch granola bars 120g crispy squares 132g or chocolate 235g or smartsweets 50g food m&m market now serving healthier choices from m&m food market express mam m&m m&m supe stuffed peppers tarci m&m onliche series langit delet servery cheesecake giang | toge ras m&m food market strawberry cheesecake 600g m&m food market chicken pad thai or chicken teriyaki 907g m&m food market supreme stuffed peppers 907g m&m food market chicken strips 1.36kg get pts hot deals when you gain nexium purex blooo bel well these vide nexium hyvenc clean pour tox bonce listerine cool mint ivory pro namel www cases sensodyne si nexium 24hr heartburn relief scope advanced mouthwash 473ml-1l or sensodyne or pronamel value size tide liquid laundry detergent aundry detergent newborn detergent 1.36l purex liquid detergent 4.08l or bounce sheets 200's arheimica aleve tylenol tylenol colo neocitran advil aspirin cold sinus kaizen kaizen whey vegan protein καισαν protein pre- workout cold & sinus peus sinus new tylenol extra strength aspirin coated daily low dose 81mg tablets 180's or aleve caplets or arthritis pain caplets 170's or liquid gel capsules 110's neocitran powder buy one sachets 10's or advil cold get one" & 50% or caplets 20's kaizen nutritional powders regular price item to be of equal or lesser value pressure & pain caplets 36's loreal vaser aveeno l'oreal newton |wloalecorat branche aveeno wrinkle expert cat has vaseline body lotion or eczema l'oréal aveeno or neutrogena cleansers or select types buy one readers or sunglasses get one "regular price item to be of equal or lesser valus select types rescue 150 ml or body balm stick 40g 50%ff essie get pts pull-ups pantem dove when you boy1 goodnites dove der dove huggies hello mond well essie classic old spice hair care or styling select types dove body wash 354ml- liquid hand soap 400ml deodorant 45g-75g select types or goodnites super boxed diapers or training pants selected types and sizes visit for location and store hours ma apples to linked pharmacy wel have a on at their ir preferred real pharmacy location in order to link therb be well points interac visa pay gpay spc carp mastercard agb pp4121 ott

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