RONA Flyer - 07/01-07/07/2021 (Page 3)

summer at its best event save make your backyard bloom 25% value special in 10 pot on all annuals assorted perennials in 2-galpot philodendron in 10 pot save $3 special save $3 special value special value was 20.99 grass seed hickory or apple flavour barbecue wood pellets was 24.99 turf edger hardwood handle romix pr mix craftsman promix need inspiration for styling your outdoor from our 2021 outdoor fashion selection space? visit to see the complete selection and online-exclusive products save sso save $200 special save $200 special special value $1899 value $349 value was $379 was $549 lawnmower never change oil was $2099 lawn tractor portable generator firman gas gas cc 36" sing craftsman craftsman poner diaman buy one of these two items save $300 get free special value string trimmer blower was $1499 "artisan" garden shed lithium paintable coroless volts cordless volts cfm 20-v lithium-ion battery value of 79.99 cutting won blac decker the ego #1-rated battery platformowat rona has a new home ego

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