Safeway Flyer - 03/19-03/25/2020 (Page 3)

meat dollar days sterling sensations by compliments flattered value size sterling silver top sirloin steaks or roast cut from canada aaa honey garlic chicken drumsticks starting silver value 790 size compliments fresh air-chilled boneless skinless chicken plaisirs gastronomiques fresh pork shoulder picnic roast hock removed plaisirs gastronomiques pork osso bucco plaisirs gastronomiques lamb shanks 6x1 kg • just heat & serve • experience sous-vide cooking at home • no preservatives plaisirs gastronomiques plaisirs gastronomiques chicken legs confit plaisirs gastronomiques chicken legs with fresh pork side ribs regular or sweet & sour lamb tonight agneau ce soir agneau ce soir lamb tonight tautaste surau fonu alttalienne your choice lean ground beef burgers sungold lamb tonight ground sungold lamb tonight mediterranean lamb meatballs tonight sungold lamb tonight lamb sungold lamb tonight mild italian lamb sausages 375g sungold lamb tonight our favourite lamb burger 284g lean ground italian meatballs quick & easy butter incon-raster piller's itse siwin eleon che sage butterball turkey bacon or rasher bore mile greenfield bacon or smoked sausages piller's mini pepperoni or turkey siwin sausage compliments compliment bar compliments camere serien schnelders gugural progre breakfast rouros when you bonus miles when you diy egg or spring rolls compliments farmhouse or shepherd's pies schneiders mini-sizzlers oktoberfest pies or sausage rounds frozen selected compliments meatballs have you loaded your offers? load them now at sob.ww 25-03-wst

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