Safeway Flyer - 05/07-05/13/2020 (Page 5)

seafood toppits compimento uncooked & easy to peel pacific white strip crevettes blanches du pacifique compliments uncooked easy peel lorster claws raw shrimp skewers affle toppits cooked lobster claws made witr real crab uncooked & peeled compliments uncooked non guites prepared in-store crab stuffed mushroom caps frozen at sea to lock in freshness compliments uncooked peeled shrimp fresh wild pacific halibut fillets subject to availability complimente con pacific white shrimp cooked crevettes blanches du pacifique lute compliments cooked shrimp jumbo atlantic sea scallops frozen or previously frozen sensations panache marine meu femur link wild sockeye salmon aumon sockeye saunade new almond.crusted sole mono sole en croute d'amandes sensations by compliments almond-crusted sole 454g or panache fisherman's pie 800g nanuk smoked sockeye salmon 120 g or aqua star sockeye salmon fillets or kitchen hummus saarom artichoke asiago dip trempette artichautseig mother's day meal dea buy - buy 2 or more summer fresh dips bonus miles when you purchase one mother's day meal deal conce creamy cole salade de che freshly made coca-cola | hot meal repas chaud fralchement préparé compliments salads summer fresh pasta italiano salad salade de pâtes italiano oеп plus applicable taxes offer valid from pasta italiano lano salad salade de patos italiano great for pulled pork sandwiches borius mies starting at flatbread pulled meats selected have you loaded your offers? load them now at on bosob-w202 may 3-powst

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