Safeway Flyer - 07/15-07/21/2021 (Page 4)

bartlett pears product of pick a produce product of usa or canada 2 lb pattie and get grilling! carrots carottes aaai compliments green leaf or romaine single leaves from western canada product of western canada bunch spinach from western canada coming soon che product of western canada rainbow peppers product canada first season il lb average product of canada first of the season whole seedless watermelon product of usa 11 lb average size mor-mc 2kg case 4iь case loremores value tam2 nectarines size from western canada bag red mangoes product of mexico product of western canada tomatoes on the vine plums product of usa tropical treats large papayas product of mexico get fresh fresh extra lean ground pesto chicken burger or extra lean ground turkey thai burger try grilling fresh papaya sprinkle of sugar squeeze of lime prepared fresh prepared fresh prepared fresh in-store watermelon prepared fresh in-store mixed honeydew or cantaloupe chunks large ataulfo mangoes product of mexico passion fruit product of colombia isbn buncold lean ground beef burgers or the canadian medium ground chuck beef burgers regular or zespri sungold gold kiwi product of new zealand greenhouse cold pressed juice panera fresh salad dressings 355 ml selected floral wild sockeye salmon burgers frozen or wonderful large uveau orical ocean spros grill and garnish with your favorite topping for an amazing veggie burger craisins chery cerise pistachiosi crown erish columbia grown british columbla ocean spray pom wonderful shelled pistachios large gerbera 10-stem bunch lisianthus prepared fresh bonus miles when you buy prepared fresh daily portobello cap griller buy i silo buy 2 or more bonus miles when you bol quality protein big taste quick cook! mini phalaenopsis orchid 2.5" pot premium tropical or succulent in ceramic 5" pot great gift idea! our gift cards can be any amount safeway_wk12 powst_on_bc

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