Safeway Flyer - 07/15-07/21/2021 (Page 9)

drinks & snacks ays stacys classic gossi வெல்க comment aplanters reese moss carritur salted almonds kxd lay's potato poppables 130g or stacy's pita chips hershey's or mars planters almonds compliments microwave ora dutch toshtos crunchy rounds sweet chili piment dous party my original core proce tostilos bonus mrs buy $449 buy 2 or more humpty dumpty party mix 280 g or old dutch snacks compliments tostitos tortilla compliments soft drinks resila resinnistus nesia nisiu pensche bus schweppes parache pepsi ginger ale bonus miles when you buy minute maid 100% alive or nestea 8x200 ml or or honest kids bomes panache ginger beer or tonic water pepsi soft drinks 2l iced tea bilost the guace carlsberg tetley lavo ggg carlsberg or kronenbourg blanc non-alcoholic beer 6x330 ml or vin cabernet sauvignon non-alcoholic wine gatorade 6x591 ml good host iced tea tetley orange pekoe tea 216 pk compliments or coffee pods 30 folgers jan colombie colombo tarts timtam gourmet tuntam rke timtam krispies folgers gourmet selections coffee kellogg's pop-tarts arnott's tim tam compliments spring water melber toast alda bear paws comme com malbe aut grissol wagonowheels perrier carbonated spring water san pellegrino sparkling water dare bear paws boulangerie grissol melba compliments mccafe best buy valeur plus egg mcmuffin cheddar cheese fromage cheddar compliments dipped emrobies best buy valeur plus with the purchase of specially marked packs of mccafe premium roast coffee redeem with coupon on packaging white cheddar cheese fromage cheddar blanc compliments chewy tendres with ferie dre mccafé mccafé mccafé premium roast best buy snack crackers 200g compliments granola bars mccafe premium roast k-cup pods mccafé mccafé mem compliments s'mores enpemble pour s'mores excel mccafe premium roast mccafe premium roast k-cup pods boris miles when you c2021 mcdonald's - uselese brademark is licensed iron mcdonald's corporation excel bottles compliments myoffers

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