Safeway Flyer - 01/09-02/19/2020

your wellness destination swap ground beef for plant-based your favourite recipes beyond meat beyond beef start 2020 off with plant-forward food options grab-and-go snacks and drinks that are as tasty as they are nutritious new beyond meat beyond beef oven fries frites au four kete any's organic bottes potato chips croustilles minestrone ministri kranikinnick hellmanns natural almondoor dedeti gertner paganie sea salt sel marin mayonnaise ayon white blanc soupes alt starting at soups frozen breads kettle brand chips starting at hellman's organic mayonnaise sugar perdas ζονία organic zevia ginger ale energy ripple ripple lakewood grapefruit arl grey tea blood orange puchannes canneerge pur buy at $3.69 buy 2 or more bac bonus miles zero calorie soda starting at smartsweets 549 lakewood juice selected beverages drinks or tea sprouted or gluten-free prepared fresh in-store fruit or vegetable celebration trays better school lunches start with great bread lsprouted power silver hills northern tarmouse

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