Safeway Flyer - 03/12-03/18/2020 (Page 5)

megt beef brisket roast or whole cut from canada compliments chicken breast back attached compliments whole chicken fresh pork shoulder blade steaks or certified tender tendreté certifiée sterling silver prime rib roast cap of fresh boneless pork value size extra lean ground compliments balance ground turkey thighs or ground chicken canadian lamb loin chops classic this day sami bulk green cabbage rutabaga or carrots product of usa or western canada chalkers chalkers salted navel beef 2 kg bulk parsnips product of usa or western ederate tot same quick & easy schneiders lou's flora original natural smoked ham jambon fume natusel lou's besa men you bon med when you buy starting at olymel uncured bacon 375 g or selected schneiders or maple leaf ham selected harvest meats naturally smoked regular or beef lou's bbq pork pinty's donair compliments compliments px pins bbq fonte traditional meat lasagna lasagne à la viande traditionnelle more compliments asian entrées or chicken pinty's pub & grill or eat well wings bonte donair kits compliments meat lasagna have you loaded your offers? looded load them now at on ec-sob-ww46-m powst

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