Safeway Flyer - 05/14-05/20/2020 (Page 17)

only available at pharmacy locations select products only able when a pharmacist is on duty pharmacy mix & match buy 3 get 50 bonus miles eltrainer band-aid comfute reactine polysporin polysporin flexible fabric tissu a exible cathcliente fast mole brief of reactine 24-36 pk or benadryl caplets 100 pk selected clean & clear products selected off off band-aid selected news with an accu-chek guide meter bonus accu chek gede meter free with purchase of robax platinum hydrasense hydrasense accu-chek calde specialiy masa care dant nasal cre accu-chek guide robaxacet extra strength when you buy bonut me tou mile you buy bule accu-chek guide test strips 100 pkt robax extra off strength 18 pkt hydrasense nasal care 100 ml delet loreal pamib coconut sport sport whale ivory blends aveeno excellence tres protection coco banana boat or coppertone suncare selected whole blends hair care 370 ml or ivory body wash marc anthony hair or aveeno body lotion 354 ml l'oreal excellence creme hair colour wampole enus pro namel melatonin liquid gillette wen hone pro namel fusimas cotta seth поnut nee with you buy gillette fusion proshield or venus selected 1 pk old spice wild fresher or ultra smooth deodorant bonn miche when you buy2 sensodyne toothpaste 135 ml or pronamel 110 ml wampole vitamins baby witin puffi little ones one robotion baby mushies pediasure com pediasure core little ones buy buy 2 or more baby gourmet pediasure complete little ones by compliments baby wipes little ones by compliments jumbo diapers home & care pet weiman glass cook top life scents goo gone dawn ivory kings ford original bor men weiman cook top cleaner 567g goo gone spray gel cleaner 828 ml airwick freshmatic kit or scented oil dawn or ivory dishwashing liquid kingsford briquets sandwich фашиох werwies ziploc easy she resolve resolve ord ant od action bounty glad press'n seal colour safe rolls cristal wete kleenex facial tissue 6 pk ziploc snack or sandwich bags press'n seal wrap bounty paper towels resolve stain remover 1.35 kg compliments kitchen cuisine compliments kitchen cuisine compliments componente toy gets dinne dreaded ats cracken ciner pochet new how compliments kitchen bags 30-52 pk compliments gourmet have you loaded your offers? load them now at on sob-wo3 may 20 powst

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