Safeway Flyer - 04/30-05/06/2020 (Page 2)

maple leaf meat half the meat all the flavour honey garlic boneless skinless chicken breast value 50% premium meat 50% natural and plant-based ingredients size starting value size and get 40 air miles reward miles fresh pork loin back ribs cryovac sterling silver t-bone steak cut from canada aaa grade beef grounds compliments fresh air-chilled whole beef plent bases burger bgls da base de plantes value size sterling plant-based burgers or grounds sterling silver boneless chuck roast or steak cut from canada fresh pork shoulder pellant based sausage saucisses badun more sausage saucisses kenne compliments balance extra lean oo ground chicken breast or extra lean ground lean ground beef select stores only sausages or pork & plant-based just heat & serve experience sous-vide cooking at home plaisirs gastronomiques schneiders tur dys pouleur sadneau lams quality never gets old plaisirs gastronomiques plaisirs gastronomiques lamb shanks with gravy 1 kg plaisirs gastronomiques schneiders genoa salami salami de genes schneiders snack kits plaisirs gastronomiques plaisirs gastronomiques plaisirs gastronomiques schneider quick & easy piller's schneider rob the original conscheddar bologna bolon tutky conwenles skissssfumes de poulet schneiders smoked bor bon when you oo maple lodge farms chicken turkey - dinde piller's mini pepperoni or turkey bites grimm's sausage rings or smokies harvest meats bologna regular or lunch mate gelewe tari narcie compliments compliments traditional compliments shephero's pl pate chinos ginger beef traditionnels bauf au gingembre oo compliments farmhouse or sensations by compliments or chicken & pork compliments asian entrées or chicken chicken balls with sweet & compliments burgers 2.27 kg schneiders lunch mate snack kits great gift idea! our gift cards can be any amount 500-wono- powst

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