Safeway Flyer - 03/18-03/24/2021 (Page 2)

on_bc safe ingredier buy1 geti free event of equal or lesser value fresh swiss chalet pot pies regular or chicken and cauliflower reg 8.99 buy1 get1 free swiss chi cau pou cho swiss chicken poulet find your favourite pies fresh! not frozen in our kitchen department! pot expate fully cooked janes now fully cooked pub style chicken janes wady for burgers con pub style chicken nuggets seiten made with white meat buyi free janes pub style breaded chicken strips reg 14.99 velle mer delissio thin crispy mince et croustillante delissio pepperoni thin crispy mince et croustillante heat liviandie delissio thin crispy featured retail 5.99 free nestle parlour creamy pops neste parlour geti free

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