Safeway Flyer - 07/09-07/15/2020 (Page 5)

muthrooms value producer organic from western canada size product of western canada organic whole white or brown mushrooms from western canada summer salad quick and easy cooking with product of western canada living lettuce selected classk spinach epinards cooking with spinach selected more savings for your family tor morm 3 tbs frozen passion fruit juice 3 tsp minced shallot 4 tsp sherry wine vinegar • tsp dijon mustard 3 tbs olive oil prepared daily limes product of mexico 1 lb for you prepared fresh from western canada prepared in-store chicken caesar salad selected product of western canada kale prepared fresh carlos large red mangoes product of mexico mon pren vemon bonus miles ataulfo mangoes product of mexico 2 kg case prepared in-store party size salads 1.3-2.3 kg proudly made in canada organic plant-based and mother ridiculously japanese delicious unique flavours with no artificial preservatives sweetners or colours greek product canada om trevirem tomatoes romaine lettuce product of western canada or iceberg product of canada mother raw vegan dressings 242 ml panera fresh salad dressings selected green belthause emoi ore tomatoes on the vine product of western canada or ontario from western canada or usa no 1 grade carrots product of british columbia product of western canada zespri gold kiwi product of new raspberries product complimiento eat smart soda chow eat smart sweet kale salad family pack emote corn product of usa smitten or granny smith apples product of new zealand or usa extra fancy grade navel oranges product of australia bonus miles floral emoren bulk compliments 68% vegetable oil margarine 3.18 kg more hsh sonyma complimente pistachios wonderful or h&h dried fruit compliments sunflower seeds oriental lilies asiatic lily 8-stem bunch premium long stem roses selected dozen begre componente complimente case premore compliments compliments mini coral reef fishes or summer aquatic aloe vera in 4" pot value check for this size symbol for more savings! more great gift idea! our gift cards can be any amount sce w 15.02 wst-on-dc

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