Safeway Flyer - 04/15-04/21/2021 (Page 5)

dollar deli days compliments camembert suisse schwer wsvizzera switzerland bonus miles buy i at s10,49 buy 2 or more boursin langruti cellar-aged gruyere product of switzerland ail& fines herbes garlic & fine herus panache compliments double cream brie or camembert sos bocinants bocinante starting at sliced fresh sliced fresh panache or sensations by compliments angus roast beef panache black forest or old style smoked ham or sensations by compliments sugarbush maple ham cambozola tre stelle halloumi tre sell ricott anco gouda 170 g or rocinante spanish cheese 150 g selected classic brie doubleceme tre stelle tre stelle moon mix & match for 3 or fewer grimm's pepperoni sticks selected antipatid pokoltto main street dell buy 2 or more main street deli buy 58.99 buy 2 or more compliments naturally simple sliced deli meat starting at marcangelo italian sliced deli meats imported from italy pepperon bakery main street deli compliments baked in-store starting from baked in-store au pain dore 100% butter con mountain grain or good starting from baked in-store compliments brioche buns 4-12 pk baked in-store starting at artisan style baguettes baked in-store limited time offer compliments mini corn guava or mango cheese turnovers baked in-store baked in-store charlotte's cookie fruit sticks raspberry or apple mile get 25 bonus miles 95 cash the presente momenten en offer valid in-store only apri-n2021 at stewariscations in western canada for fuel who miles chion and other socor not discounts pet when you redeem sueway_wasup04_wst-on-bc

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