Safeway Flyer - 08/27-09/02/2020 (Page 5)

thundee bat namon from western canada product of western canada local little potato company little potato company product wu canada bartlett pears product product of canada the little of usa extra fancy potato company little potato grilling sweet treats product of give the unsung western canada grill heroes--pineapples and pears-their moment to shine from for the life tastes good around here vas grill mushrooms from western canada organic product of western canada organic portobello caps jumbo golden ripe pineapples product of costa rica sweet onions product of usa 3 lb bag rtb menteen cto carote hot sauce 2lb organic hot jalapeño jalapeño piquante sauces large black or red plums product of usa no 1 grade organic or organic gala apples zealand or usa extra fancy grade clementines product of south africa or argentina carrots or onions product of western canada 2 lb or organic carrots product of canada or usa 2 lb ondern red habanero get fresh kabanero rouge piquante from western canada prepared fresh product of western canada kale prepared fresh from western canada buy 2 get 35 prepared free fresh product of western canada bunch carrots prepared fresh in-store bbq grillers selected mixed or tropical fruit salads assorted sizes off product of ontario heartbeat hot sauce comments care from from western canada western canada prepared fresh product of western canada compliments baby-cut carrots product of western canada bunch spinach panera fresh salad dressings 355 ml selected prepared daily ehparechair 6wders coatsdr off salad assorted sizes bulk floral monedarom wonderful wonderful mont wolfhead coffee pistachios mixed nuts melange de pistachios smoked san gluten free pick ontario pick ontario mini gerbera piccolini bouquet 22-stem bunch wonderful royal nuts mixed farm fresh bouquet local grown flowers starting at starting at compliments compliments sunflower seeds premium succulents or tropical plants phalaenopsis orchid product of ontario great gift idea! our gift cards can be any amount sucway w powston

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