Safeway Flyer - 02/04-02/10/2021 (Page 9)

in-store korean try our bbq marinade fresh pork side ribs regular or sweet & sour value size panache flattened chicken lemon greek compliments fresh air-chilled che fresh bbq whiskey or honey garlic marinated pork loin certified tender tendrete certifiée sterling sterling silver striploin grilling steaks family size or whole beef brisket cryovac out from canada aa cornish hens frozen stir-fry starters look for our honey garlic beef stir-fry recipe at nagano fresh premium pork 7lb beef hip stir-fry 100% canadian pork has excellent marbling delivering tenderness juiciness and flavour in every cut compliments chicken breast new & exclusive try with our in-store korean bbq marinade off exclusive products pork tenderloin boneless pork loin centre chops or hotel cut pork loin chops quick & easy het pillers johnservil reiperda pallers ibh save borse with you harvest meats thick sliced johnsonville smoked pork sausages 375g piller's mini pepperoni or turkey bites johnsonville fully cooked breakfast sausages com complimente poco chicken & vegetable pies pites au poulet et aux légumes original compliments appetizer party pack or game day party pogo original compliments chicken & vegetable or beef & vegetable bassili's best meat or chicken lasagna or have you loaded your offers? load them now at safeway_walpos wstonlic

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