Save-On-Foods Flyer - 01/09-01/15/2020 (Page 24)

Products in this flyer

ysun suznuodod savvy snacking nooch flourish vegetable chips snacks between meals helps maintain energy levels over the day and prevents overeating at mealtime choose protein-rich foods fresh fruits and vegetables or whole grain crackers sale noochpop! popcorn sale clean snacking options • unseasoned nut mixes are high in protein and healthy fats garcia orango boloosove lenteturmeric lenthurcuma summer fresh snack'n go hummus & crackers original or rw garcia crackers sugar snap peas mann's - 2 lb sale sale sale snack pack selected varieties it's easier to choose vegetables and fruits for snacks when you have a variety of options at hand choose five different colours of vegetables and fruits off sale

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