Save-On-Foods Flyer - 07/02-07/08/2020 (Page 4)

bakery quality any way you slice it western family english more hamburger bun's or hot dog baked in store western tady en crise engleamins rewards earn buy 250 points sale pack western family english muffins sale gourmet muffins selected varieties baked in store pack strawberry half cheesecake sale sale deli quality that's so gouda the laughing cow la vache quirit original pepperoni buy1 freybe dry pepperoni soog produced in bc free the laughing cow cheese sale smoked in store woolwich gant cheese smokehouse montreal corned beef montreal corned beef is prepared with the finest quality ingredients which are locally sourced -no gluten added sale sale la panzanella crackers sale gul in every bite rondolo rondelé galbani président galbani galbani fresh mozzarells marinated bocconcini cheese president rondelle garlic & herb cheese sale sale sale natural veggie earth's cro chinese hardbite hardbite kettle cooked potato chips noodles alggies own sofresh afor gerade earn nur ort earth's own oat beverage pesmi points pix legu 25 vedt rock salt sel gemme neca tas sensible portions garden veggle straw sale amy organic foods frozen sale sale sale new иссер kashi the classic trail mix spread master brem kevina kombucha beverage kombuchas hem yeah! manito harvest organic granola oranola rarats kashi granola bars sale spreadem kichen ca for vegan cheese cashew & almond sale sale sale

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