Save-On-Foods Flyer - 06/10-06/16/2021 (Page 4)

bakery quality any way you slice it pack made with crown fruit danish or maple pecan cream premium bar cake selected varieties calabrese buns or sourdough more rewards blueberry scones also selected varieties made with butter buy earn pack points pack new baked fresh in store raisin bread loaded with 50% options keto friendly enjoy the foods you love while items in our bakery department deliciously soft and high in friendly with no sugar added keto friendly bakery products selected varieties smoked in store smokehouse old fashioned ham deli quality that's so gouda mitchell more rewards saputo pepperoni earn buy mitchell's pepperoni bocco 2550 points saputo bocconcini cheese selected reser's creamy spinach dip smoked chicken breast or cooked celebrate flavour charcuterie trio bangla vie riserva roasted garlic salami chub or barlo wine & tradition home bring mastro mastro mastro san daniele genoa salami or hot charcuterie trio or cooked offers require use of more rewards card

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