Save-On-Foods Flyer - 07/23-07/29/2020 (Page 2)

fresh bc grown blueberry blueberries bonanza sale earthboury organic spring max salad earthbound farm - 2840 renee's gourmet dressing montyow olser som sale sale fresh from the bakery more bewards earn guy points for lemons usa sale capriny goat cheese sale pack blueberry strudels selected varieties baked in store limited time offer while quantities last sale goat cheese and your favourite creamy sensational summer salad tep pair with our delicious western family signature vanille cream you won't regret it! tip brighten up your wedge and blueberries western family 10x sparkling spring water cat blueberry ple also selected varieties limited time offer while quantities lase for sale sale western family greek yogurt blueberry & granola breakfast bowl greek yogurt sale add blueberries to your yogurt of choice and top with granola and honey for a fresh and delicious breakfast combination hous western family honey bear rogers granola or oatmeal 7509 five grain granola cast upon sale sale limits in effect- at this time we are temporarily limiting quantities on high-demand items to support all of our customers' needs

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