Save-On-Foods Flyer - 07/23-07/29/2020 (Page 4)

ere schon meats prime cuts and beefed up quality bbq ready chicken sale sale lean ground beef sausage more rewards free with 6000 toints reoceneo rib srs family pack savings pork sausages breakfast or regular or fresh country style ribs family pack savings chicken breast boneless skinless fresh sale fire up the grill available at service meat counter marinated chicken breast kabob also selected varieties available at service meat counter marinated prawn skewer garlic butter & herb or mango cha seafood available at service mlay counter peppered lean beet patties sale freshness you'll get hooked on pale with a delicious blueberry salsa-gently tous together simo juice and cilantro wed sockeye salmon burgers made in store hand pressed sale blueberry onanza sockeye salmon fillets pacific west coast sale buy1 western family raw white prawns free smoked whiskey salmon nuggets ready crisp ora! english style more lide earn water family om vas kedam points western family dinner ham sale high liner fallets in batter selected varieties frosen 5009 sliced side bacon maple leaf- or bacon umit 6 free western family hot dog wieners origins of all beel free sale sale lunch mate were tot more caan lika mancher points 8୨୨ sale western family western family western family spring rolls breaded chicken schneiders lunch rancher selected varieties breast fillets mate stackers beef burgers frozen 1.7 kg sale sale

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