Save-On-Foods Flyer - 07/15-07/21/2021 (Page 2)

produce local freshness that can't be beet more rewards earn buy points more rewards earn buy raspberries usa or mexico points friends sweet bell blueberries ele mixed greenhouse peppers more rewards buy earn more rewards earn buy points points www poids net weight sweet bell peppers i pov grape tomatoes red hat co-operative grower partner since 2013 providing fresh cucumbers to our inspired greens providing fresh living lettuce to more rewards earn buy uith more rewards earn points buy points inspired greens living lettuce alberta mini cucumbers more rewards earn more rewards earn buy buy points points green onions mexico radishes more rewards more rewards free free with 9000 points redeemed with 5000 points redeemed mini roses selected varieties azalea selected varieties bulk scoop up the savings my mix grabn'go huer western family grabn'go cheese crunchies griestrong sour suckers sucettes sures lost ay more more more rewards rewards rewards buy earn buy earn buy earn points points points western family western family my mix grab n'go grab n'go cheese crunchies nut mix also selected huer sour candy for trail mix selected varieties

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