Shoppers Flyer - 05/22-05/27/2021 (Page 2)

shoppers drug mart exclusive your starting friday may 21 that's 30% in points! the points offer** is waiting load it to get it! open your shoppers drug mart or pc optimum app 20x the points click "load offer" in your weekly email this offer is single-use only offer also valid at wellwise store locations "see back page for details coca cola royale volonar royale bonce orland coca-cola o pepsi beverages 6 x 710ml selected types deposit & ervin levy when applicable each downy fabric softener selected types royale bathroom tissue 8rdl - 12 dl selected types after limit 3.99 after limit 5.99 rest of week 5.99 after limit 6.99 rest of week 6.99 oreo mvickies royale smartfeed detal ritz max original christie cookies or crackers selected types & sus each miss vickies chips of smartfood popcorn selected types & sizes erch royale tiger pc max paper towels selected types after limit 249 or 4.49 each after limit 5.99 rest of week 5.99 boxes boites wonder wonder white och bach wonder white or whole wheat bread 5002 selected types each kraft hazelnut spread 6725 or selected types no name or pc facial tissues 53 alter limit 299 after limit 4.99 rest of week 4,99 after limit 4.99 rest of week 4.99 new cascade up to up to each oft pet food selected types & ses cascade dishwasher detergent febreze ar o fabric fresheners selected types & stres light air after limit 299 rest of week up to 20% off rester week up to 20% off olay olay funtstones gummies one a day qio up to pol up to up to one a day flintstones multivitamin products selected types & sias nivea q10 facial moisturizers selected types & sims selected hano sanitizer ecludes travel sizes while quantities last no manches rest of week up to 30% off rest of week up to 30% off colgate oltre white censodyne coole colgate total sensodyne colgate optic white advanced selected types each colgate extra clean toothbrush toothpaste selected types sensodyne clear comfort selected pes after limit 3.99 rest of week 3.99 after limit 994 rost of week 996 after limit 4.49 acer up to selected chromebooks selection may vary by store

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