Shoppers Flyer - 01/16-01/21/2021 (Page 2)

shoppers drug mart exclusive starting friday january 15 that's 30% in points! the points offer** is waiting load it to get it! reactine benadryl band-aid band-aid weachtylenol complete each absolutely ageless your 20x the points open your shoppers drug mart or pc optimum app click "load offer" in your weekly email this offer is single-use only offer olso valid at wellwise store locations trastencia benylin rapid dissolve all in one der seconds tylenol tylenol tylenol allergy tylenol reactine rapid acetaminophen pain relief products benadryl allergy selected types selected types selected types band-aid tough-strips sleuco motrin motrin muscle & body up to up to buy one ger one motrin polysporin band-aid free kids bandages off relief products 15's - 20's selected types & sizes selected types selected types excludes kids bandages tix&match mini lozenge в воон mini gum neutrogena pastele eminating nicorette பாயா nicorette neutrogena neutrogena acne facial each bright boost of cleansers rapid wrinkle repair selected types selected types & sizes facial moisturizers selected types & sizes healthy healty shim defense aveeno aveeno neutrogena neutrogena up to neutrogena aveeno of aveeno off hydro boost body gel each neutrogena duo wipes healthy defense facial selected types moisturizers selected types selected types & sizes arena aveeno aveeno listerine listerine yolar aveeno listerine body wash 532ml mouthwash il- 1.5l selected types selected types facial moisturizers selected types & sizes coro cascade vom complete malam up to up to oft hand sanitizer while quantities last no rainchecks cascade dishwasher detergento glade air fresheners selected types & sizes lysol toilet bowl cleaner cleaners selected types dawn purex snuggle febreze air fresheners selected types & sizes dawn selected types snuggle fabric laundry detergent refresher selected types & sizes or 3.49 each

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