Shoppers Flyer - 03/27-04/01/2021 (Page 9)

kellogga rice krispies kellogg's kellogg's all- mine bran wheats! classico murinn dasan original هشت سان به همه مهمة cricinal gedu selected types kellogg's rice krispies cereal selected types & sizes classico pasta sauce selected types & sizes or 239 each keurig gega kellogg's lavazza vienna tim horton rossa clover sockeye salmon wilored pacirc monsausage bran kashi golean crunch! beds keurig van houtte twinings earl cale goldseal sockeye salmon 2011 diskutumn van houtte k-cup coffee pods selected types tea selected types gold seal clover leaf wild pacific red sockeye salmon 2133 each each maple leaf venna sausage selected types teach kellogg's or kashi cereal selected types & se uncle bens beacon heinz beans orlaient campbelli screen fast & fancy vite & bon motta cranberry toca clamato campulli hearty noodles nouluissantes samantha pepsi popsi cart udat dops coca-cola o pepsi selected types mott's cuinato or garden selected types selected types selected types uncle bens selected types each of 3.49 each or 1.99 each or 2.49 each or 1.49 each clover let smoked mussels power spring source clover llar smoked oysters beverages selected types glacéau smart water selected types mist flavoured water selected types clover leaf smoked oysters mussels 85% natural spring water selected types each of 29 tach or 1.99 each mars hershey twizzlers twists torsades brookside m&ms mem juicy fruit nibs kisses twizzlers men's chocolate bar selected types selected types candy brookside selected hershey's chocolate pouches cach cach selected types & sizes cach seng mega place here jolly rancher hershey's cordy bona dues mems skittles starburs reese oh henry! 25 original nars orgaram bites bouchées selected types skittles starburst original candy 320g selected hershey's king size chocolate bars selected types each each or 2.99 tach coca-cola pepsi lipton aha pack bubly lipton barling water peace ter nesti aha lerron flavore mabubly selected types aha selected types lipton selected types each each bubly flavoured sparkling water selected types +deposit & envia lewy where applicable of 1.99 each coke energy energy mini montellb montelle coca-cola mini bottles 8 x 300ml coca-cola energy drink 310ml selected types starbucks beverages selected types & sizes selected the enviro lery where applicable montellier mineral water il selected types or 249 each pe financial monthly fee introducing the pc money™ account earn up to 25 pc optimum points per dollar** at shoppers drug mart

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